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Loan Modification Resist : Foreclosure Timetable for California

What is referred to to existing encumbrance thereon?

A few years ago, I got divorced and all the course of action was a horrible nightmare. I live in California.

If the mortgage note was in his bigwig, then he had the obligation to pay off that debt. Did they sue him for foreclosure or was there a. Subject to an encumbrance means a lien or mortgage which has priority over your claims of ownership in both time and priority. This is really something you should have pursued when you got the pay of foreclosure by the trustee on the deed of trust or got sued for foreclosure (you didn't mention which in any detail).

Will bankruptcy relieve me? *Read details*?

So here I go:. I am a USMC experienced. Ok, this is a semi-complex situation and I will do my best to give the details coherently.

You in all likelihood willl run into other things. Include all your debt, not just the house. It costs about $1500 to $2000 to file. Expect your cellphone company to immediately finish your service if you file. If you qualify to file chapter 7, debts would be discharged and you would no longer be liable to pay. Depending on the rules in your state, you should be qualified to exempt a car or at least reaffirm a car loan to keep the car.

My ex-old lady's debt is killing me credit report. What to do?

I was in days gone by married to another Marine. Ok, here is the backstory:.

pathetic, you're screwed until she refinances. but you didn't go that route & now you have to suffer until she fixes the problem or loses the house. I recommend talking to a Queen's now. If she was not able to refinance in her name alone at the time of the divorce then the lawyer would have recommended selling the house & splitting any equity. a lawyer would have advised you to not signboard a quit claim deed until she refinanced in her name alone. a Quit Claim Deed only releases you from your claim to the property not your obligations to the loan.

Does a bank always come back for the metamorphosis on a foreclosure?

I didn't involved in long after we moved in for said problems to begin uncovering.

But the selection does exist to them. But you are correct, the majority of the time the loss is simply written off on their taxes which eliminates the lenders option to pursue you. In California the banks can't come after borrowers with foreclosures, but that is the omission. In most every other state they can but lenders also know they aren't going to get blood from a stone and aren't likely going to pursue a borrower for $25k unless they see them animate on lifestyles of the rich and famous considering they have to hire lawyers for such an effort.

Host is in a reverse mortgage.?

Outwardly my landlord is in a reverse mortgage and supposed to be living in this residence I told someone from the bank he didn't live here (he.

He will have 6 months to pay off the rescind mortgage, either by refinancing into a conventional loan or selling it. I doubt he will get any extensions. If anything, the lender may start foreclosure proceedings right away, which can easily take 6 months anyway. If I was him, and was competent to, I would see about working with the bank to see if I. Your landlord broke his loan agreement with the lender by renting out that house and not having it as his permanent residence.

California County Tax Lien/ Faith Question?

I have a 100% paid for scrap of property I was trying to get a line of credit on. When I went to the bank to get a loan I thought I more then.

Natural Estate: What IS Trust Of Deed?

Indenture Of Trust:. I have a question in regards to a few deeds:. I live in the state of California.

Should the borrower languish to make the payments to the lender/beneficiary would require the trustee to foreclose on the property by. The note and TD is owned by the bank and payments are made by the purchaser to the lender/bank. The borrower is referred to as the trustor, while the lender is referred to as the beneficiary of the deed of trust. A Deed of Trust is a is a deed where judicial title in real property is transferred to a trustee, which holds it as security for a loan (debt) between a borrower and lender (usually a bank).

Buying condo/townhome vs House affordability CA (LA)?

So my bf and have been wanting to buy a diet for some time but of course just have a few thousand saved and new promotion last year.

If you sketch to use this condo as an investment property later this might prove to be difficult. In some cases there are waiting list for a condo to become a rental. In renting of condos in a complex, only 10% may be rented at any one just the same from time to time. Therefore if there are twenty condos in the complex in which you purchase your condo has 20 condos, at any one time there could only be two rentals.

what to do about squatters next door.?

But it on no occasion went on the market. The home next door went into foreclosure almost 4 years ago.

If they won't or turn down, there's nothing you can do. Honestly there are worse things than having a responsible squatter. So long as the squatters aren't doing anything to endanger the area or the neighbors - and it doesn't tone like they are - then it's a matter between the bank, the squatters and the cops. Many houses remain empty after the housing crisis, with neither the owner nor the bank game to take care of. If the house is legally owned by the bank then it's the bank that has to do something.

I constraint a lender who does home loans with under a 640 credit score?

Are there any lenders that travail with bad credit. My credit score is not a 640 which every lender needs.

Getting a lender if you have a FICO 620+ in tranquilly. The old policy of waiting 3 years after a foreclosure no longer the case. How low is it. I know of lenders, in California that will do a FHA loan if your credit score is above 580. The do require you take an approved FHA Up on-buyers Education class, no gift funds allowed, no disputed accounts. In addition, just in the past couple of weeks the new FHA policy is that is feasible to get another FHA loan if you had a foreclosure over 12 months.

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California Foreclosure Laws -
Answers: How are mortgage liens treated in California? California is known as a entitle theory state where the property title remains in trust until payment in full ...

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San Diego Scope wildfires update: If you live in a home affected by wildfires, with a loan financed by CalHFA, please call your insurance company as soon as possible.

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foreclosure loanmodification
Foreclosure and Loan Modification scams are on the get up in California. Knowledge and a good agent like me are your best protection
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